Jul. 4th, 2016

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Nominations have now officially closed. We'd like to thank all of you who took the time to nominate, and we sincerely hope to see you all at sign-ups when they begin on July 7.

Until then, PLEASE WATCH THIS SPACE. We will be reviewing nominations over the next few days, and it is highly likely that we will have questions regarding some of the fandoms that were nominated. In order to make this process go smoothly, we will need prompt responses from the people who nominated them. 

You may notice during this process that some of your fandoms will be listed as rejected or approved at AO3. But, please keep in mind that this does not necessarily reflect what will or won't appear in the final tag set. (Should your fandom be listed as approved, it likely is. Should your fandom be listed as rejected, it may be approved under a different tag.) Once the tag set is complete, we will make it public and post here to let everyone know that the review period is over.

Thanks again for nominating!
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 We have already approved a lot of fandoms, but are working on doing the rest and, as usual, we have a few questions and a few notices. So please take a look and if you see any of your fandoms mentioned, we'd appreciate your feedback. The quicker we hear from people, the quicker we can post the complete tagset for you!

James Bond movies
We received nominations for both James Bond (Movies), and James Bond (Craig movies). Both received enough nominations to be approved as is, but if the nominators would rather have them combined, we can do that as well.

Evil Dead
We received one nomination each for: Evil Dead - All Media Types, Evil Dead (Movies) and Ash vs. Evil Dead. Separately, they would not be approved, but if there are no objections, we will approve Evil Dead - All Media Types as one fandom.

X-Men movies
We received nominations for: X-Men (Original Timeline Movies), X-Men (Alternate Timeline Movies) and X-Men (Movieverse). We have decided we will approve the first two, but unless there are reasonable objections, we will reject the Movieverse nomination as it is redundant.

Battlestar Galactica

We have already approved a tag for the 2003 Battlestar Galactica series. But, we also have nominations for a generic Battlestar Galactica tag. Please let us know if you are nominating the 2003 series, or the original series, so we can approve it or just fold it into the already approved tag.

Dragon Age

We have a tag for Dragon Age - All Media Types currently approved, but also received nominations for Dragon Age - video games and Dragon Age: Inquisition. DAI would not make it in alone, so please let us know if you'd prefer the All Media Types tag (thus including extra materials outside the game) or if we should stick strictly to the generic "video games" tag. 

Final Fantasy

None of the individual Final Fantasy nominations received more than one nomination. If there are no objects to combining them, we will go ahead and approve a Final Fantasy - All Media Types tag.

Marvel Cinematic Universe
Just as in previous years, all nominations for individual movies in the MCU will be combined under the Marvel Cinematic Universe banner. (This does not count Sony or FOX released Marvel movies, only those in the MCU continuity.)

Star Wars
All Star Wars nominations will be put under the Star Wars - All Media Types nominations due to not enough nominations for them to pass individually. 

Percy Jackson
The book series and the All Media Types tag received 1 nomination each, thus not qualifying them. If there are no objections, we can combine them into one tag (All Media Types) and approve it that way.

Thanks in advance for your responses, and if we have any other questions as we finish this process, we will be posting here again!