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~1 HOUR LEFT! Collection closes at noon Eastern time!

The 2018 Crossovering AO3 collection will close at noon Eastern time today, 10/14! Last chance to get your completed work posted!

Remember to sign up for the pinch hit list if you haven't already. Pinch hits will go out after the collection closes and be due on 10/19. We will not reveal the collection until all participants in the exchange have a story or art in the collection in return. Hopefully that will be on 10/20 as scheduled, but may be later if pinch hits are not completed and posted on time.

Please let us know via PM or email if you need anything! If you've already reached out to us, we will follow up with you after the collection closes, if we haven't already.

(Anonymous) 2018-10-14 03:16 pm (UTC)(link)
FYI the collection says assignments are due at 8pm Eastern.