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Update On Matching

We do have a handful of participants without recipients. We will send emails to those people tonight. Those people will have 24 hours to reply. After that, we'll need to delete signups to facilitate matching.

We also (naturally) have some initial pinch hits. We'll send those out along with assignments.

You should expect assignments to go out no later than Wednesday. We'll update you with specifics as soon as we're able to do so.

We've sent emails to some people whose requests may need a little tweaking, so if you have requests with 3+ canons, go ahead and check to make sure you haven't heard from us.

We appreciate your patience as we try to work out these kinks. We're so glad you've all stuck around with us! :) You'll still have the same amount of time to write; we'll simply adjust the due dates, etc.

More info as soon as it's available!