Jul. 18th, 2016

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Sign-ups for this round of Crossovering have now officially closed!

We received 65 sign-ups this year, an all-time high, and we cannot wait to read all the fantastic words you all plan to write! Thank you to every single person who has signed up or helped promote the exchange this year. You are very much appreciated!

As for what's to come, we will be going through all of the sign-ups shortly to make sure everyone has followed the rules. Matching will be running over the next couple days, and we will announce it here and on Tumblr when assignments are about to go out. If matching goes smoothly, you may receive your assignment early, but if not, you will definitely be getting your assignment no later than July 20

Thanks again to everyone who has participated in nominations, sign-ups, etc. We're looking forward to another great year at Crossovering and it's all thanks to you!
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Matching has run. Right now, we have four participants flagged as No Potential Recipient. E-mails have been sent to those participants, so please check to see if you have a message from us.

We will have several initial Pinch Hits as well, but we won't know how many until we've heard back from those participants without recipients.

We want to remind everyone that Pinch Hits will be posted to this Google group. As Pinch Hits become available, announcements will be made to both the community and Tumblr.
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We have now officially sent out assignments for this year's exchange! That means you should have an e-mail with details of your assignment, or will be receiving one very soon. If for some reason it doesn't arrive in the next 24 hours, please check your spam folder and then contact us. You can also find your assignment at AO3 from the link in your profile that says "Assignments".

But that's not all, we have pinch hits and more to talk about!
  • We have two sign-ups that we were unable to match with a writer, so we have sent both of these requests to the pinch hit list. If you are not a member of the pinch hit list, you can go to this link and click join, or you can send a blank e-mail to crossovering-ph+subscribe@googlegroups.com and make sure you have your preferences set to "Send me an e-mail for every new message".

  • If you are already signed up to write for someone, but feel confident in your ability to write two assignments, please volunteer. We will be assigning these pinch hits on a first come, first serve basis, so anyone is eligible to take them on.

  • All of this year's requests are now viewable at this link, so if you'd like to write treats, you can browse at your leisure.

  • Now that requests are viewable and everyone has their assignments, it's important to make sure that if you've written a letter to link it in our letters post. Also, if your letter is currently a placeholder or locked, please make sure it's updated ASAP so your writer can get started.

So you've got your assignment and now you're wondering where to go from here? Check out instructions, details and rules behind the cut.

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