Jun. 16th, 2016

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Nominations will begin in close to a week, running from June 24 through July 3.

The purpose of this post is to promote your smaller fandoms (to help ensure they make the cut), or to organize nominations for fandoms with multiple continuities (as in which fandoms can/should be combined as a larger umbrella fandom). Or, you can just chat with others about what fandoms you're nominating or hope will make it to see if you can drum up interest. 

For a refresher, here's how nominations will work:

  • You can nominate up to eight fandoms.

  • We will automatically approve the top 100 fandoms with the most nominations, though it is probable we will approve more than 100 fandoms. (Last year, we had 128 fandoms in the tagset, and will likely reach or surpass that number, based on participation.) While there is no magic number of nominations a fandom needs to make the cut, as we base it on participation, your fandom will likely need at least two nominations to make it

  • Sign-ups will require a minimum of three fandoms that can be crossed with each other in each individual request, with six fandoms maximum. (You are required to make at least three requests, with five requests maximum.)

When nominations begin, we will post more detailed instructions about how to nominate on AO3. Until then, feel free to check out the FAQ.