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Crossovering 2014

Welcome to Crossovering, a multi-fandom crossover exchange!

Nominations for fandoms will open May 24, so be thinking about all those greats crossovers you've been dying to read/write.

If you have any questions, please ask them here!
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I'm a little concerned with the amount of fandoms required to participate. Going by the faq you need at least six fandoms to participate. While with eight nominations that seems doable, but with the cut at top hundred or so fandoms and no real idea on what is needed to get a fandom in that seems like a steep order especially for anime/manga fans.

How will complicated fandoms be treated?
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Here are a few examples...

Doctor Who - Will it all be treated as one fandom? Will there possible be multiple fandom slots taken up by it
Final Fantasy - Would it be treated as a whole, by continuity, by entry?
Power Rangers - It is all in continuity with each other but fandom typically treats it by season name rather than as a whole
Precure - Except for the two sequels, each season is treated as a different continuity

So when will a continuity be grouped together or separated out. If say Power Rangers Zeo, Power Rangers Lost Galaxy and Power Rangers Samurai don't have enough nominations individually to get into the top 100, but combined they do would they just be out right rejected or would they be accepted as a single fandom?
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Regarding Final Fantasy, each entry has a wildly different setting and set of characters from the others, so a crossover with Final Fantasy 7 would be really different from a crossover with Final Fantasy 4. Fandom also typically treats entries as separate from each other, except in the case of sequels and other same-continuity entries. Crossovers between the different entries are usually specified as being crossovers.

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How do I sign up for this? What if I'd like to write something for someone else, but don't care to submit/receive any request, myself? Also, are there guidelines about the length of the fics? Thanks very much.
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Most of your questions can be answered in our FAQ, which is here.

But in brief: Nominations will start on May 24 & a post with instructions on how to do that will be posted here then. Sign-ups begin June 4, and a post with those instructions will be posted here then as well.

If you aren't interested in requesting a fic, you can sign-up as a pinch-hitter. Or, when people begin linking to their Dear Writer letters, you can write a treat for anyone with requests that you like. And once the archive opens, we will most likely be making all the requests visible so you can also write for any of those requests and upload it to the collection then. (Though we have not officially decided how/when this last part will work.)

The length of fics must be at least 1000 words minimum, with no maximum word count.

Thanks for stopping by! :)

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When we say crossovers, are we talking crossovers where characters from fandom X meet characters from fandom Y (e.g. the Avengers meet up with Harry Potter), or more like characters from fandom X are in fandom Y's world (e.g. the Avengers are students at Hogwarts)? Or maybe either is good?
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Either is good! Since we aren't including characters in the matching, the extent of the crossover is up to the writer.

The only requirement is that the fandoms used in the crossover are those requested by the recipient (ie, don't write X/Y/A if they requested X, Y, Z, but not A).
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Awesome! Thanks :D
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lol, my notifications are behind, but hey, a doubly efficient reply!
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Either is good! As long as both fandoms are presented in a significant way, it works. (I.e it can't be a Supernatural/HP fic where the Winchesters just sit around talking about how they've read the books.)

You can specify ways you'd like to see the worlds collide in your optional details or Dear Writer letter should you choose to sign up. :)
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Cool :D I have a feeling optional details/Dear Writer letters are going to be v. helpful in this exchange ;)
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Are the nominations essentially where we vote on how popular each fandom is for inclusion purposes, or will that be a separate step?

In other words, if someone else nominated a fandom I want, should I nominate it again so it gets a second vote -- or is it okay to skip that, because we'll be voting in a poll later?

I'm just wondering because I'm seeing people in the brainstorming post talk about "since someone else nominated this thing I want, I won't" and I'm concerned that it doesn't work that way.