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Assignments have been sent!

Matching has been run and after double and triple checking (because we're those kind of nerds), assignments have now been sent out. That means you should have an e-mail with details of your assignment, or will be receiving one very soon. If for some reason it doesn't arrive in the next 24 hours, please check your spam folder and then contact us. You can also find your assignment at AO3 from the link in your profile that says "Assignments".

This also means all of this year's requests are now viewable at this link.

Now that everyone has their assignments, it's also a good time to remind those of you have written a letter to your writer to link it in this post. Also, if your letter is currently a placeholder or locked, please make sure it's updated soon so your writer can get started.

And if you have yet to sign up for our pinch-hit list, instructions on how to do so are here.

So you've got your assignment and now you're wondering where to go from here? Check out instructions, details and rules behind the cut.

Matches were made based on at least two matching fandoms (though it is possible that you may share multiple fandoms with your assigned recipient). If for some reason you have received an assignment for fandoms you did not offer, please make sure you contact us immediately so we can fix the problem. Rules for writing in this exchange are fairly simple:

1) All stories must be 1000 words or longer and complete.
2) You must include at least two of the requested fandoms in a prominent way. (Fusions are acceptable.)

More details regarding assignments are available in our FAQ, but please remember the following:

  • Assignments are due no later than midnight EDT on August 20. If you have not uploaded a complete story by that time, we will consider you in default and assign a pinch-hitter to your recipient.

  • To upload your story, go to your assignments page and click on the button that says "Fulfill" and continue from there.

  • If you are unable to finish your assignment, please go to your assignments page and click "Default" at your earliest convenience so we can find a pinch-hitter.

  • Beta readers are not required, but they are strongly suggested. We will put up a post for anyone who wants to volunteer as beta readers soon.

  • You can write multiple stories for your recipient (but at least one of them MUST be 1000 words or longer, no writing five 200 word stories please), or write treats for other participants in the exchange. Just make sure you use this link to post to the collection.

  • If you are writing a treat for one of our participants, you can tag it "Crossovering Treat" if you'd like to differentiate between treats and their assigned gift.
  • Please do not contact your recipient prior to author reveals. If you need additional information, contact the mods and we will act as your proxy.

  • You may edit your story at any time.

If you have any questions or need any help at all, consult the FAQ, comment here or contact us at our mod e-mail and we'll help you as quick as we can. We hope everyone is thrilled with their assignments and we wish you happy writing!