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Collection open a little longer -- until 8pm Eastern time on 10/14

Hi everyone, we know there has been some confusion about the deadline this weekend because of my error in updating the challenge and collection settings on AO3.

To give everyone the best possible chance to complete their story, we will be leaving the collection open until 8pm Eastern time/5pm Pacific time today, 10/14. (See how much longer that will be on the countdown clock.)

At that time, we will be sending the remaining unfilled requests to the pinch hit list, unless other arrangements have been made. (You can make other arrangements by emailing or PMing the mods.) All pinch hits assigned from today forward will be due at midnight Pacific time on 10/19.

The collection will reopen for posting pinch hits and treats once all pinch hits have been assigned. You can sign up for the pinch hit list here. For anyone interested in writing a treat, you can find all of this year's requests here.

Once everyone who has posted a work in the exchange has received a work in return, we will reveal the collection for everyone to read.

Thank you to everyone for your enthusiasm and feedback this year! We've had a number of issues behind the scenes, and know many of you have been dealing with similar, so we really appreciate your patience and understanding.

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