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a banger in the mouth ([personal profile] ishie) wrote in [community profile] crossovering2018-10-13 10:46 pm
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Crossovering 2018 - works due soon!

Due to some modly scheduling issues, we're going to leave the AO3 collection open for a few hours more after the deadline tonight. So you have a bit more time to finish up, or to add that one tiny detail you didn't think you'd have time to include!

I will post here and on Tumblr one hour prior to closing on 10/14.

Please do sign up for the pinch hit list if you haven't already. Pinch hits will go out after the collection closes and be due on 10/19. Once every participant in the exchange has a story or art in the collection in return, we will reveal all the posted works. Hopefully that will be on 10/20 as scheduled, but may be later if pinch hits are not complete in time.

Please let us know via PM or email if you need anything! If you've already reached out to us, we will follow up with you after the collection closes, if we haven't already.

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