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Feedback follow-up

We received some great feedback. You can view the results of the poll here. Based on your input, we'll implement the following changes for this year's exchange:
  • Requests will be visible throughout signups.

  • Fandoms no longer need 2+ nominations. We will approve all fandoms, except in cases of duplicates.

  • Although the majority voted to keep the traditional bucket requests/offers system, we're lowering the minimum number of fandoms per request/offer to two (2). You can still request up to six (6) fandoms per request and offer up to ten (10) fandoms per offer.

  • Participants may request and offer art.
    • Requirements for art: Traditional or digital piece created entirely by the artist. Cannot be drawn on lined paper. Minimum size of 500,000 pixels. Must include two (2) or more of the requested fandoms.

    • If an artist's submission fails to meet the guidelines, their recipient will be sent to the pinch hits list.

    • This means that the fic/art field will be required and that we'll match based on it.
  • The crossover/fusion field will now be required. We will match on this field, if we're able to do so.

  • We will include the characters field in signups. It will not be required, but we hope you'll use it to give your author more information about you preferences.
We know that not all of these changes will suit everyone, but we hope that overall they'll improve the exchange. If you have any questions or concerns, you can leave a comment here or you can email us at

The rules and FAQ will be updated to reflect these changes soon.

Schedule for this year's exchange:
Nominations: July 2 – July 15
Signups: July 18 – July 27
Assignments out: July 30
Assignments due: September 30
Pinch hits due: October 6
Archive live: October 7
Authors revealed: October 14
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Well, I've missed the poll. I didn't think that you were intentioned to open the exchange to art gifts for this round, so I didn't pay attention to the new post. I'm really happy to see the new changes to the rules, and I can't wait for it to begin. :D