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One hour to pinch hit deadline!

The final deadline for post-deadline pinch-hits is in about 1 hour. All pinch hits, and any edits to already posted fics, should be posted no later than 11:59 p.m. PDT on October 7.

You may continue to post any treats after this deadline and through when authors are revealed, so if you have time this weekend, treat away!

We also have one emergency pinch-hit at this time. We won't be assigning it to anyone; if you can write and post a completed story for the recipient, please do so ASAP!

Stories will be ready for reading once everyone who wrote a story has also received a complete story. We'd like that to be on October 8, so we can all dig into the awesome crossovers! We'll keep you updated as to when stories will go live, but if you have any last minute edits, it's best to get them in by the deadline above.