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CROSSOVERING 2016 - Welcome Back!

Welcome to the third annual Crossovering exchange! Nominations begin on June 24th this year, so you have three weeks to start thinking about your dream crossovers!

We plan on running this year's exchange with the same rules and requirements as last year's, so if you aren't familiar with how we run things or just need a refresher course, please review the FAQ. We will also go over each part of the process as we get to it and are always here to answer any questions you may have. Until then, check out this year's schedule.

Crossovering 2016 Schedule

Nominations: June 24 - July 3
Sign-ups: July 7 - July 17
Assignments out: July 20
Assignments due: September 30
Final Due Date for Pinch-Hits/Edits: October 7
Archive live: October 8
Authors revealed: October 12
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I had so much fun with this last year (and I didn't even make it for the nominations)! Definitely going to check out the tagset again this year.

Question though, will we be able to see what others have nominated? Sometimes it's only after I see a fandom on the list that I'll realise "ooh, yeah, I wanna nominate this one too".

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Yeah, that'll help! Thanks!