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galfridian ([personal profile] galfridian) wrote in [community profile] crossovering2018-10-21 02:53 pm
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Collection up!

First order of business: Apologies - first, because I fell asleep last night and didn't update you on our pinch-hits situation; second, because I forgot to give you advanced notice that I was opening the collection. I've mostly been out of the loop this year, so clearly I'm a little rusty on the mod duties. I hope everyone was ready, especially since we're more 12 hours past the pinch hits deadline.

Second order of business: Obviously, the collection is open. Everyone should have a gift. If there are any issues - somehow AO3 and/or we failed you or any concerns about incomplete works etc - please let me know. I know that we have one work wanting to not reveal itself, so as soon as I figure out how to fix that, I will.

We'll do author reveals next Sunday (the 28th).

Again: Apologies. So out of practice. Such a disaster. But fic! art! yay!

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