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There are now two weeks left before assignments are due. All stories must be uploaded to AO3 by September 30 at 12 midnight PDT. (what time is that for me?)

While we're also reminding you of the due date, we thought we'd also give you a list of some important posts you might need as we march towards that deadline. 

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There is now ONE MONTH left until stories must be posted! We're sure everyone is busy writing, but thought we'd use this opportunity to create an AFK post.

If you are going to be unavailable during the time when stories go live (October 8) and will be unable to comment to thank your author right away, please leave a comment in this post so they'll know. We're not concerned if you won't be able to comment for a few hours or anything like that, just if it will be days or a week or longer. If you leave a comment, please put your AO3 username in it, as well as the length of time your author may have to wait.

Thank you!
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There is still plenty of time left in the writing period, but some of you may already be finished (or close to it), or you may just want to get a beta reader in place for when you do finish. So, if you need a beta reader or would like to volunteer services, please use this post!

While we do not require stories to have a beta reader, we strongly recommend it.

If you're volunteering as a beta, please comment here! Tell us:
  • Which fandoms you can work in (full list of Crossovering fandoms)

  • How to contact you: email, @Twitter, Tumblr, Skype, PM on LJ/DW, etc.

  • If you're offering SPAG, worldbuilding, character, or plot help ... or all four!

  • An estimate of what your turnaround time is

  • Your dealbreakers, aka what you won't beta, e.g., violence, non-con, cheating, mushrooms, talking animals, etc.

If you're looking for a beta, you can leave an anonymous comment here listing the fandoms you need help with. DO NOT REVEAL YOUR INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT.

Anonymous comments will be unscreened and can be replied to by beta volunteers with their contact info.

If you're looking for a beta and are worried about revealing your assignment, you can email the mods and we'll act as go-between on your behalf.

We hope everyone is enjoying the writing process so far, but if you need any assistance, feel free to comment here or e-mail us and we'll do what we can.
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We just wanted to post a reminder to everyone that we may be reaching out to you to ask for additional information throughout this writing period. (And have already reached out to some of you.) This means that we're asking you to double check that your e-mail address at AO3 is correct, as that is how we contact you. You may also want to check your spam folder in case your e-mail service has marked our messages as spam.

We will also be posting a beta volunteer post before the weekend begins, so be on the look out for that soon!
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We have now officially sent out assignments for this year's exchange! That means you should have an e-mail with details of your assignment, or will be receiving one very soon. If for some reason it doesn't arrive in the next 24 hours, please check your spam folder and then contact us. You can also find your assignment at AO3 from the link in your profile that says "Assignments".

But that's not all, we have pinch hits and more to talk about!
  • We have two sign-ups that we were unable to match with a writer, so we have sent both of these requests to the pinch hit list. If you are not a member of the pinch hit list, you can go to this link and click join, or you can send a blank e-mail to crossovering-ph+subscribe@googlegroups.com and make sure you have your preferences set to "Send me an e-mail for every new message".

  • If you are already signed up to write for someone, but feel confident in your ability to write two assignments, please volunteer. We will be assigning these pinch hits on a first come, first serve basis, so anyone is eligible to take them on.

  • All of this year's requests are now viewable at this link, so if you'd like to write treats, you can browse at your leisure.

  • Now that requests are viewable and everyone has their assignments, it's important to make sure that if you've written a letter to link it in our letters post. Also, if your letter is currently a placeholder or locked, please make sure it's updated ASAP so your writer can get started.

So you've got your assignment and now you're wondering where to go from here? Check out instructions, details and rules behind the cut.

+++++ )
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Matching has run. Right now, we have four participants flagged as No Potential Recipient. E-mails have been sent to those participants, so please check to see if you have a message from us.

We will have several initial Pinch Hits as well, but we won't know how many until we've heard back from those participants without recipients.

We want to remind everyone that Pinch Hits will be posted to this Google group. As Pinch Hits become available, announcements will be made to both the community and Tumblr.
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Sign-ups for this round of Crossovering have now officially closed!

We received 65 sign-ups this year, an all-time high, and we cannot wait to read all the fantastic words you all plan to write! Thank you to every single person who has signed up or helped promote the exchange this year. You are very much appreciated!

As for what's to come, we will be going through all of the sign-ups shortly to make sure everyone has followed the rules. Matching will be running over the next couple days, and we will announce it here and on Tumblr when assignments are about to go out. If matching goes smoothly, you may receive your assignment early, but if not, you will definitely be getting your assignment no later than July 20

Thanks again to everyone who has participated in nominations, sign-ups, etc. We're looking forward to another great year at Crossovering and it's all thanks to you!
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There is only ONE HOUR LEFT to sign-up! (And a few minutes, but close enough.)

We will be closing the form on July 17 at 11:59 p.m. PDT. (what time is that for me?)

Make sure you check out these links if you still need to sign up!
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There are only 24 hours left before sign-ups close for this year's exchange! We will be closing the form on July 17 at 11:59 p.m. PDT. (what time is that for me?)

Once we close sign-ups, that also means you can no longer edit your requests or offer, so make sure everything looks exactly how you want it!

And now, all of the important links you need to get those final sign-ups in:
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There are just around 48 hours left before sign-ups close for this year's exchange! We will be closing the form on July 17 at 11:59 p.m. PDT. (what time is that for me?)

In case you haven't already, you can also post your letters to your potential Crossovering writer at this post. Doing so may encourage people to set their offers to match with your requests, so keep that in mind and post before the deadline if you can. (If you can't, don't worry, the post will remain open forever!)

And now, all of the important links you need to get those final sign-ups in:
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Sign-ups will run until SUNDAY, JULY 17th, at 11:59PM PDT. (what time is that for me?)


If you're new to exchanges at AO3 and confused about how sign-ups work, read this tutorial about signing up for gift exchanges.

For specific information about requests and offers for this exchange, please continue reading.  )
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Sign-ups will be opening in less than twelve hours (the completed tag set is posted here, so check that out), so it's also time to link your Dear Crossovering Writer Letters (if you choose to do so).

These letters are 100% optional, but highly encouraged (particularly due to the nature of this exchange). If you've never participated in an exchange like this before, a Dear Writer Letter is a post at your DW/LJ/Tumblr/Blog, etc. detailing your requests and giving your assigned writer ideas for possible stories they can write, as well as any potential likes, dislikes and triggers you may have. You can link them here as well as in your sign-up form. How you format or write them is entirely up to you.

If you have any triggers (things that may cause you harm if you read about them), we highly recommend that you make that clear in your letter as well as in the optional details on your sign-up. Not every writer clicks through to letters, and this is the best way to cover your bases so that your author will not unintentionally write your triggers.

For more info and great examples of what we mean check out the following links: The Yuletide FAQ or last year's Crossovering letters post.

Keep in mind that, a letter to your writer is COMPLETELY 100% OPTIONAL, which also means that writers are in no way required to follow the optional details. The only requirement is that they use the fandoms you requested and were matched on. Essentially: Optional details are optional.

Another added benefit of writing letter is you might get extra fics if someone not assigned as your writer finds your requests inspiring. We will also be making the sign-ups summary public as soon as sign-ups are closed, so any additional details you put in your sign-up will be available for public viewing and treat writers.

If you are posting a link to your letter here, we ask that you copy/paste the following when you comment:

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The tagset for this year's challenge is officially viewable. Check out the default view for a list of all fandoms eligible for this year's exchange.

We had a record number of nominations this year, so we ended up approving 205 fandoms, including all fandoms that had 2 or more nominations. Please check the list even if your fandom was rejected, because it may have been approved under a related tag. We did have to reject many fandoms, but hopefully there are still plenty available for everyone to formulate their requests and offers.

This year's most nominated fandoms were:
  1. Revolution (TV) - 14 nominations
  2. Harry Potter - 13 nominations
  3. Marvel Cinematic Universe, Killjoys (TV), Buffy the Vampire Slayer - 10 nominations
  4. Hamilton - Miranda, Forever (TV) - 8 nominations
  5. Young Wizards, Person of Interest, Veronica Mars, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Leverage - 7 nominations

A few important things to note: 

We approved a tag (currently under Uncategorized Fandoms) for Final Fantasy (Video Games). If requesting or offering this fandom, please keep in mind that the following entries in the series were the ones nominated and will likely be what the nominators are requesting: 

Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy X & Final Fantasy X-2
Compilation of Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy XIII

We also have two Star Wars related tags: Star Wars - All Media Types and Star Wars: Rebels. Star Wars - All Media Types should only contain requests for the movies in the series, not animated series, comic books, video games, books etc. None of those were nominated, so they are not eligible. You may specify in your requests which movies you'd like to read about if necessary.

If you have any questions or there are any issues with the tagset, please let us know ASAP. Otherwise, watch this space for a lot more activity as sign-ups will begin soon!


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 We have already approved a lot of fandoms, but are working on doing the rest and, as usual, we have a few questions and a few notices. So please take a look and if you see any of your fandoms mentioned, we'd appreciate your feedback. The quicker we hear from people, the quicker we can post the complete tagset for you!

James Bond movies
We received nominations for both James Bond (Movies), and James Bond (Craig movies). Both received enough nominations to be approved as is, but if the nominators would rather have them combined, we can do that as well.

Evil Dead
We received one nomination each for: Evil Dead - All Media Types, Evil Dead (Movies) and Ash vs. Evil Dead. Separately, they would not be approved, but if there are no objections, we will approve Evil Dead - All Media Types as one fandom.

X-Men movies
We received nominations for: X-Men (Original Timeline Movies), X-Men (Alternate Timeline Movies) and X-Men (Movieverse). We have decided we will approve the first two, but unless there are reasonable objections, we will reject the Movieverse nomination as it is redundant.

Battlestar Galactica

We have already approved a tag for the 2003 Battlestar Galactica series. But, we also have nominations for a generic Battlestar Galactica tag. Please let us know if you are nominating the 2003 series, or the original series, so we can approve it or just fold it into the already approved tag.

Dragon Age

We have a tag for Dragon Age - All Media Types currently approved, but also received nominations for Dragon Age - video games and Dragon Age: Inquisition. DAI would not make it in alone, so please let us know if you'd prefer the All Media Types tag (thus including extra materials outside the game) or if we should stick strictly to the generic "video games" tag. 

Final Fantasy

None of the individual Final Fantasy nominations received more than one nomination. If there are no objects to combining them, we will go ahead and approve a Final Fantasy - All Media Types tag.

Marvel Cinematic Universe
Just as in previous years, all nominations for individual movies in the MCU will be combined under the Marvel Cinematic Universe banner. (This does not count Sony or FOX released Marvel movies, only those in the MCU continuity.)

Star Wars
All Star Wars nominations will be put under the Star Wars - All Media Types nominations due to not enough nominations for them to pass individually. 

Percy Jackson
The book series and the All Media Types tag received 1 nomination each, thus not qualifying them. If there are no objections, we can combine them into one tag (All Media Types) and approve it that way.

Thanks in advance for your responses, and if we have any other questions as we finish this process, we will be posting here again! 

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Nominations have now officially closed. We'd like to thank all of you who took the time to nominate, and we sincerely hope to see you all at sign-ups when they begin on July 7.

Until then, PLEASE WATCH THIS SPACE. We will be reviewing nominations over the next few days, and it is highly likely that we will have questions regarding some of the fandoms that were nominated. In order to make this process go smoothly, we will need prompt responses from the people who nominated them. 

You may notice during this process that some of your fandoms will be listed as rejected or approved at AO3. But, please keep in mind that this does not necessarily reflect what will or won't appear in the final tag set. (Should your fandom be listed as approved, it likely is. Should your fandom be listed as rejected, it may be approved under a different tag.) Once the tag set is complete, we will make it public and post here to let everyone know that the review period is over.

Thanks again for nominating!
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There are now just 24 hours left until nominations close. That means nominations ends on July 3 @ 11:59 p.m. PDT. (what time is that for me?)

For all the information you need on nominations, please check out this post
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 Just a reminder that Nominations will be closing on July 3 @ 11:59 PDT! (what time is that for me?)

That means you have just a little over 2 days left to get your nominations in, or to make changes to your current nominations. We will also be giving more reminders to nominate at our Tumblr as we get closer to the deadline, so be sure to follow us there as well.

For all of the information on how and where to nominate, or to discuss nominations, please check out this post.
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Nominations are now open on AO3!

You will have until July 3 @ 11:59 PM PDT to nominate up to 8 fandoms you might want to request or offer for Crossovering. (What time is that for me?)

Don't worry, we'll give warnings here and on Tumblr multiple times before we close nominations, and we'll make sure everyone has plenty of time to get them in.

Now, here's how it works:
  • If you've done nominations for Yuletide or another exchange, this will be very familiar. You'll go here under your AO3 account and select up to 8 fandoms.
  • If the Archive provides you with a fandom tag while you're typing, please use that. It will make the process run much more smoothly.
  • Once you've filled all of the slots, just click on submit at the bottom of the page and you're done! (Of course, you aren't required to use all 8 slots.)
  • For fandoms with multiple continuities, you have the option of using the umbrella fandom tag (Fandom X - All Media Types, or Fandom Y and related fandoms, for example), or nominating each continuity separately (Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy VIII, &c.). Please check in at the Brainstorming Post to see if you have any overlap with another participant and keep in mind that we'll be using only the top 100 or so fandoms. 
  • Nominating fandoms is not a commitment to participate in the exchange itself! We'd love to have you, but if you just want to make sure the bases are covered for friends or to make sure there is something you're interested in if you do sign up, go right ahead! No one can write it or request it if it isn't nominated.
  • If you're still unsure about how the exchange works, make sure you take a look at our FAQ page.
  • If you need to let the mods know information about your fandom that will help it get approved or tagged properly, please leave that info in the comments so we can refer to it when we review nominations. Any other questions or comments or discussion of nominations can take place here as well. Feel free to list what you've nominated here in hopes of finding others to second (or third) your nominations

As always, if you have any questions or need any assistance, do not hesitate to ask! Happy Nominating! 

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Nominations will begin in close to a week, running from June 24 through July 3.

The purpose of this post is to promote your smaller fandoms (to help ensure they make the cut), or to organize nominations for fandoms with multiple continuities (as in which fandoms can/should be combined as a larger umbrella fandom). Or, you can just chat with others about what fandoms you're nominating or hope will make it to see if you can drum up interest. 

For a refresher, here's how nominations will work:

  • You can nominate up to eight fandoms.

  • We will automatically approve the top 100 fandoms with the most nominations, though it is probable we will approve more than 100 fandoms. (Last year, we had 128 fandoms in the tagset, and will likely reach or surpass that number, based on participation.) While there is no magic number of nominations a fandom needs to make the cut, as we base it on participation, your fandom will likely need at least two nominations to make it

  • Sign-ups will require a minimum of three fandoms that can be crossed with each other in each individual request, with six fandoms maximum. (You are required to make at least three requests, with five requests maximum.)

When nominations begin, we will post more detailed instructions about how to nominate on AO3. Until then, feel free to check out the FAQ.
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Welcome to the third annual Crossovering exchange! Nominations begin on June 24th this year, so you have three weeks to start thinking about your dream crossovers!

We plan on running this year's exchange with the same rules and requirements as last year's, so if you aren't familiar with how we run things or just need a refresher course, please review the FAQ. We will also go over each part of the process as we get to it and are always here to answer any questions you may have. Until then, check out this year's schedule.

Crossovering 2016 Schedule

Nominations: June 24 - July 3
Sign-ups: July 7 - July 17
Assignments out: July 20
Assignments due: September 30
Final Due Date for Pinch-Hits/Edits: October 7
Archive live: October 8
Authors revealed: October 12